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The future development of companies is dependent on whether they work side by side with AI and make it a productive asset of it.

AI serves as a platform for orchestrating well optimised business processes and interactions to work alongside humans to remove repetitive, mundane elements from their day-to-day roles. AI provides companies with ML tools to support decision making processes, building agents that can perform tasks autonomously or developing reliable frameworks to manage AI model lifecycles.

Engaging consumers with AI

Reply’s structure, made up of a network of highly specialised companies, is crucial to support multiple sectors and focus on AI, among other technologies, to drive enterprise strategies.

To drive business performance through AI-based automation we have Sprint Reply. This is done through enhancing the experience of consumers and enriching the interactions of those who work with them. The company’s capabilities include virtual agents (chatbots) which can communicate across multiple channels such as voice, web and social channels. As well as the next generation metahuman interfaces to expose AI-based virtual agents to consumers – in human-like avatars to include emotion and tonality to create a more intimate experience with technology. In addition to that, the service works by augmenting conversational AI with physical robotics to provide digital concierges that can physically navigate an environment whilst interacting with people.

This benefits consumers through more efficient and experiential interactions and those working with customers to have more fulfilling, value driven interactions that AI was unable to resolve independently. Our company helps customers, such as easyJet, to utilise AI to engage customers with virtual agents that accurately respond to common queries, with spare capacity from contact centre staff being diverted to offer a more immediate and personalised capability to help those customers with more complex issues.  

Defining the problem, ingesting the data and ensuring data quality are key to successful outcomes.

Implementing AI into business strategy

AI is also transforming the ways in which businesses are making decisions. As AI continues to produce more trustworthy data and efficient up-to-date algorithms, more businesses are choosing to trust and implement AI systems into their business strategy.

Our expertise and capabilities in AI and data governance, data modelling, data platform modernisation, MLOps and responsible AI, have enabled us to successfully shape, build and integrate AI products into our client’s ecosystems regardless of their industry. The focus spans from how data is collected, how machine learning is operationalised and, finally, how fair an algorithm is when providing a specific outcome.

Solving problems

With AI projects, it is not as easy as just get data, apply AI, get results. Defining the problem, ingesting the data and ensuring data quality are key to successful outcomes.

Clearly defining the problem we want to solve through AI ensures focused efforts are able to deliver value quickly. For example, this could be increased market share through better targeting of customers or predicting Covid-19 propagation scenarios. Dirty data is disastrous and threatening to project success. Enterprise data is never clean and is often held captured in data silos. Organisations struggle to move it into a centralised place. 

We start with defining the problem, define data sets to solve the problem, then we clean the data and move it into a centralised space in a highly automated manner. We can then apply the power of Google Cloud or AWS technologies with its inherent AI capabilities to deliver real business value.

The future of business

AI is revolutionising how retailers operate allowing them to make smarter decisions, boost sales, and ultimately enhance customer experience and drive retention. With the right AI tools and implementation approach, a whole new level of future business growth can be achieved.

Retail Reply has developed a robust AI framework to keep our organisation at the leading edge of the commercial use of AI and help customers exploit AI to their competitive advantage. 

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