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Mikko Osara

CEO, BMH Technology

The Finnish company BMH Technology designs and produces advanced technology that increases the use of environmentally friendly fuels, helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and landfill disposal, and enhances the reuse of materials.

Global population growth, urbanisation and improving quality of living accelerate the production of waste. At the same time, industries seek efficiency through digitalisation, face an increasing demand for energy and strive to find ways to combat climate change.

While environmental awareness increases, the related legislation also sets new requirements for societies to support the use of carbon-neutral fuels. All this encourages societies and companies to adopt smarter technologies for producing energy and supporting circular economy in everyday life.

Global waste refining

-We believe that part of the answer to replacing fossil fuels lies in turning waste and wood-based biomass into raw materials for environmentally friendly fuels. We specialise in demanding industrial-scale fuel handling solutions for solid biomass and TYRANNOSAURUS® waste refining plants. We deliver large plant complexes as well as individual equipment and related lifecycle services, CEO Mikko Osara says.

Our Chinese customer wanted the plant to separate certain plastics as well. We can do that too, if that’s what the customer wants.

-We design and deliver material handling systems that are capable of handling, for example, municipal, commercial and industrial waste streams that the users themselves cannot reuse. The process sorts out valuable recyclables such as metal and aluminium. Our Chinese customer wanted the plant to separate certain plastics as well. We can do that too, if that’s what the customer wants, Osara says.

For more than 70 years, BMH Technology has delivered its TYRANNOSAURUS® waste-to-fuel solutions around the world. Over the decades, the company has gained a number of biofuel processing references. TYRANNOSAURUS® plants produce solid recycled fuel (SRF) based on a European standard with an excellent calorific value and lower CO2 emissions compared to coal.

On a journey to cleaner future

BMH has been working with material handling since the 1940s. Experience in solid fuel handling systems is shown in the highest usability and reliability in the industry. The company is also closely monitoring industry regulations and developing new ways of using waste and biomass as feedstocks in the production of environmentally friendly energy and chemicals.

According to Osara, BMH Technology’s typical customers are power plants, the paper and pulp industry, waste treatment companies and the cement industry around the world. The latest deals in Finland include waste handling systems to the energy company Helen in Vuosaari in Helsinki, Naistenlahti power plant in Tampere and Seinäjoen Energia’s power plant. Recent global examples include the recently opened large plant for fabrication of recycled fuel in the United Arab Emirates and a similar plant in Taiwan.

BMH has subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland, Spain and China, as well as a global network of agents and partners. -Together with a competent partner network, we operate close to our customers and create added value on our journey to Fuelling a Cleaner Future, Osara says.

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