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Joanne Garnett

Head of BUK Run The Bank, Barclays UK

How is technology powering Barclays?

Technology powers everything we do, from online banking which includes our mortgage applications, day to day banking and powering businesses to succeed even during difficult times including those that we have seen during COVID-19. I lead a team of people who are responsible for ensuring that all the technology services used by our 24 million customers is available, 24/7. That includes our online services – be it via the internet or phone apps – contact center technology, branch network and ATMs.

Why do we need more female engineers?

It’s important to have diverse thinking in our teams in order to drive diverse opportunities from every angle and take all viewpoints into account before making a decision. We have to make sure that roles are appealing to women to ensure they are applying.

The challenge, however, is that a number of women (and men) can suffer from imposter syndrome without even realising it. That is, they may be tempted to ask: ‘Do I really belong here?’. We have to make sure she knows that, yes, she does belong there and that her skills are valued and very much needed.

How do you promote diversity?

There are lots of different initiatives, such as ensuring leaders are aware of unconscious bias in the hiring process and showcasing female promotions. Barclays supports flexible working and dynamic working, which is really important for all colleagues and represents people from all walks of life, whatever their gender.

We operate diversity programmes across all our regions globally and collaborate to support development from junior levels through to the most senior leaders.

How do you support women early in their careers?

I am the co-lead for Barclays ‘Women In Technology Europe’ and lead the D&I initiatives across Enterprise Technology. I’m actively engaged in Barclays Women In Leadership mentoring internally and mentor externally, both independently and through a company called Brightside.

I’ve had the privilege to work with many young adults from difficult backgrounds, helping them to step forward and develop their future careers. As a STEM Learning UK Ambassador, I support the encouragement of young children, ages 9-17, to go into STEM subjects. Ultimately, we as individuals need to ensure there will be more women standing next to us. That’s really important.

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The gender imbalance in technology doesn’t just represent a missed opportunity for women and society, but also for businesses. There is a growing body of evidence that having a more diverse workforce, including an equitable gender balance, makes for a better business. Put simply, diversity is a business advantage.”
Jayne Opperman, Managing Director, COO of Barclays UK

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