Expand your mind

“Before you start your business, and throughout your business journey, immerse yourself in learning. There is so much information and advice out there at your finger tips, so use it! Read business books, look at relevant websites, take an online course to boost your skills. Being an entrepreneur is all about expanding your mind, never stop learning!”


Get clarity

“Be clear about what you want your business to achieve. What is at the heart of what you want to do? This will drive you forward during the tough times. Everything you do as an entrepreneur must align with your underlying business objective, so get really clear on your business mission.”


Just do it!

“One person might tell you your idea is rubbish but that is just their opinion. Don’t be put off, just get started and keep moving forward. The entrepreneurial journey is not a straight path, but if you believe in your idea and yourself you will build your business in whatever way works for you.”


Be inspired, be motivated

“You’ve got to have the right attitude to achieve success. There will be times when you feel in despair and doubt everything you’re doing, so trust yourself to make it happen. Find a way to move beyond any barriers. Stay clear on your goals and come up with ways to keep yourself inspired. I have a playlist of inspirational music from the movies that I put on when times get difficult and it really fires me up!"


Plan to grow

“In order to grow you need to have a really clear understanding of who your customer is. You might have a great business idea but you won’t grow your business unless you know who your audience are. If you can understand their challenges and their needs, then satisfy these and go above & beyond to wow them, you’ll soon have raving fans who will love what you do and want to come back for more.”


Be social

“Social media can be the secret to your success, but make sure you choose the right platform for your business and concentrate on that. Don’t try to juggle all the social media platforms at once. Learn how to make the most of one and become amazing at it. You wouldn’t start by learning two instruments at once, so don’t feel the next to do it with social media. Discover which social platform is the most likely to make your target audience fall in love with you and concentrate on that.”


The power of networking

“It’s so important to make connections online and offline. You never know where those contacts will lead you and how someone will help to grow your business. When I started out I networked like crazy and made so many amazing connections & friendships. There are so many networking events out there so just go to as many as you can. I have been to some events that weren’t that good, but met one person who was able to help me and it made the event so worthwhile.”



“You have to commit to your business 100%. This doesn’t mean working every waking hour, but you’ve got to have the discipline and focus to do what you need to do to succeed. Be honest with yourself, what percentage are you putting in? If it isn’t 100% what could you achieve if you did commit 100%?”


Ask for support

“Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely, so find people (both online and offline) who can cheer you along and help answer the difficult questions you might have. I met one of my best business friends networking online and she lives in Hawaii. Though we’ve never even met, we chat all the time online about the challenges we face and her support is incredible.”


Judge your success

“It can be hard to know when your entrepreneurial dream has become a success, sometimes it’s not so easy to recognise because it’s an evolving process. You can feel success at the start just by the sense of empowerment. Too many people quit when they are on the verge of making success happen. Trust yourself.”