The first video (above) sees an Innovate UK technologist and innovators making predictions for what our clothes will look like and the second will be about the future of healthcare.  The films will be accompanied by ‘spotlight’ reports with more detail about the particular sectors.

This Future Fashion film uses examples of what currently exists to illustrate how the seemingly impossible is already being achieved, and what this means for the future. From a current invention – a cloak that changes colour and pattern in response to the weather, to a cloak that in twenty to thirty years’ time could make us invisible!

Presenter Emily Honeywell, from Innovate UK’s IC tomorrow programme, expands on this theme: “to look 20 years into the future, it is hardly possible to think what our 'wearables' will be like. We are now at the point where technology is moving at such a speed that it's capacity to enhance human capabilities and create magical design almost outruns our imagination!”

She continues, “Where fashion is concerned, you can see in the film that the technology is now at level where it is small and powerful enough for us to more seamlessly embed into the fabric of our clothes. We've seen the progression of computers being the things we sit in front of, to have on our laps, to in our pockets and then on our wrists. The next step must surely be for the tech to transition fully from 'wearables' to 'invisibles'.” blog

Innovate UK works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy - delivering productivity, new jobs and exports. Our aim at Innovate UK – the government's innovation agency – is to keep the UK globally competitive in the race for future prosperity. The agency works across many areas in science and technology that includes medical, health, transport, digital, energy, agriculture and construction.

IC tomorrow is an Innovate UK programme that stimulates innovation and economic growth in the digital sector, by breaking down barriers and opening doors for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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