There has never been a time when supply chain and logistics managers have come under more pressure to be innovative to overcome problems outside their direct control and to create new services to exceed what customers are becoming to expect as the norm.

The industry has a long track record in rising to the challenge, thinking on its feet to get around issues such as the recent problems with the Channel tunnel, compounded by industrial action at French ports.

It also has a long history of innovating to meet and exceed customer expectations. Today’s logistics operations are able to offer business customers and consumers at home alike a two hour delivery window, backed up by text services that let the recipient know their delivery is near or, if needed, arrange  a different time slot. We’ve also managed to meet changing customer behaviour, such as Black Friday.

To carry on this sterling work, though, the industry needs to continue to do two things even better.

As an industry we’ve got to be out there attracting the best talent.

Supply chain and logistics hasn’t always been seen as the exciting career that it truly is. That’s why we’re working with schools and colleges to showcase the variety of well-paid roles to people in a wide variety of disciplines.

The industry also has to do more than keep up with developments in technology: it has to continue to be a leader in innovating new technology that will empower new services. Whether it’s delivering goods to the boot of a car or using drones in non-urban environments, the supply chain and logistics industry must continue to lead the field.

We have the expertise, but to continue to be at the top of our game we must renew our efforts to bring in young talent and the latest technology. That way we will continue to have the right tools and people in place to meet and exceed customer expectations.