Can agile be scaled?

"Agile is an incremental and collaborative method of managing the design and build of projects, so it can certainly be scaled. However, it is not suitable for every scheme. Organisations require the right mind-set internally to make it work so that expectations around reporting and budgeting can be managed."


What is stopping agile being scaled?

"There can be blockers within senior management who do not like change and adoption is often still restricted to use by IT. HR can also be a barrier because people’s job descriptions need to change and different incentives introduced to suit this collaborative method. These obstacles can be removed if there is a bottom-up approach and managers that have chosen to adopt agile can demonstrate success to the wider organisation."


Which larger projects and programmes benefit?

"With larger utility and construction projects there can be an assumption that agile is not suitable because clients want guaranteed deliverables. However, the point of agile is to achieve the best results as early as possible. We see this in financial services where there are early fiscal and customer benefits. For a large construction project it might be better to consider using a blend of methods."


If agile is scaled, how do you measure its success?

"The agile approach is all about listening to the customer, so the most important measure of success can be whether they have a positive perception of the project. Most organisations start with a pilot, then decide to scale up."