"Within two years of start-up we’d outgrown our initial accounting package - it wasn’t giving us the accurate information we needed"

In the fresh-produce business, inefficiency can – quite literally – rot your profits. Every item you order, handle and ship is perishable, so lengthy processes can reduce quality, destroy your stock and lose you customers. Tight business controls are essential to competition – and survival.

"Packing fruit is a business in which it is hard to monitor costs, man-hours and all the metrics that are so important in running a successful enterprise," says Mark Tweddle, Founder and Managing Director of fresh-produce specialists, Jupiter Group in Newport, Shropshire.

Back in 2003, Jupiter opened in a small office with a blank sheet of paper and a telephone. Now is now one of the world’s leading fresh produce companies, delivering a year-round supply of high-quality produce, specialising in new varieties, year round supply and prepared fruit. It works with growers worldwide and serves major retailers internationally, centralising its operation from its UK, aided by a global team of over 150.


We had to invest in tech to keep up with our growth


Mark says: 'Within two years of start-up we’d outgrown our initial accounting package - it wasn’t giving us the accurate information we needed. We needed a solution for that if we wanted to maintain our momentum."

Jupiter invested in the Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management solution which delivers fast, simple and flexible financial, supply chain and production management, with lower cost and complexity than typical enterprise resource planning software.

Mark continues: “Jupiter has invested heavily in technology. Enterprise management is the next stage in this journey with a cloud-based solution that enables us to join up all the business elements.” Sage partner, Datel, helped with implementation.


Manual processes are now automated


"Enterprise management has helped with apportioning costs and bringing statutory reporting into line," says Mark. "Processes like these used to be manual but are now automated, which makes monitoring (and therefore management) much easier. Similarly, it’s always been a challenge trying to account for the time taken packing fruit, but automation makes this easier too.”

The upgrade has also delivered efficiencies in the streamlining of staff and reduced errors across processes.

“Our favourite thing is the availability of bolt-on features, which make it so flexible. That’s important for us because our business is 24/7 with offices in South America, South Africa, India, Greece,Turkey and Hong Kong. No two days are the same,” says Mark.

“Jupiter is constantly changing and adapting and is consistently forward-thinking. We do things correctly. We keep it simple, but we always grow.”