For a long time HR has been grappling with how to make sense of its data. While some organisations have been able to ride the wave of personal tech to monitor employee wellbeing through wearables at work, broader human capital analytics exploring key issues like engagement and productivity have yet to be widely adopted.

The reality is that the majority of HR functions struggle to build in-house analytical capability to better understand the workforce. It’s important to start with the fundamentals, asking ‘what do we need to measure and why?’ before tacking how metrics can be applied.

It’s the ‘how’ part that usually acts to derail organisations as people have long been considered an intangible that can’t be measured, or at least, measured in confidence.

To address this, as part of the Valuing Your Talent programme we’ve developed a framework to help organisations tackle both simple and complex analytics issues to understand their people better.

Better data means better decisions which will ultimately create better, more sustainable businesses so it’s vital that organisations understand how people measurement and reporting can help to release and drive value.

By using analytics to explore the potential of the workforce and how they contribute to business performance, HR professionals will be in a much stronger position to influence business strategy and put people at the heart of decision-making.