Craft beer is one of the few bright spots in a market in decline. Pub goers love the individual tastes, the artisanal approach to brewing and the often quirky marketing style.

But how do you export a product designed so specifically to tickle British taste buds? IPA for example, a hoppy brew originally designed for sale round the Empire.

Aberdeen-based craft brewery BrewDog has had huge success in the UK with its Punk IPA, and more than half of its production is now exported round the world. BrewDog bars now serve it from Brazil to Finland and the export drive has boosted trading profits back home to £5.5m in 2015.

James Watt, one of the founders, says passion for the product crosses all borders. "Our mission is to make as many people passionate about great craft beer as we are. It drives everything we do, and with every bottle of Punk sold in a supermarket or over one of our bars, we engage more people around the world with amazing beer."

Local research is key, however. "When we enter new markets, we’re sure to trial a few beers from our range, and see what flies," he explains. "Sometimes it’s surprising, but most of the time Punk IPA is the standout favourite."