Having stood the test of time, they continue to bring as much character to today’s contemporary interiors or period homes, as they did when they were created. Some would argue even more so today - with their intricacies and workmanship often far surpassing the mass production tendency of modern consumables.

Antiques and Collectors Fairs are a haven for sourcing these ’green’ additions for your home. With events up and down the country - from large scale multi-day fairs to single day shopping bursts - they bring together a multitude of exhibitors and an extensive product list, all at the one event. For those prepared to undertake their very own treasure hunt the possibilities are endless.

The fairs present the opportunity for buyers to source everything from furniture through to textiles. From lighting to kitchenware. From glass to silver - in fact whatever type of product you seek you’ll discover it at an antiques fair. Variety is one reason why such events are frequented by style professionals. Interior Stylists and Set Designers are known to attend the events in search of inspiration - not knowing what they want to buy until they actually see it!

Make like the style savvy, and use the fairs to inspire your own interior decisions. Big choice can often mean big bargains! With items to suit all purse strings, antiques & collectors fairs really are for all - not just for dealers, collectors or interiors professionals - they’re for everyone. And the fun is discovering exactly what treasures - whether they be traditional, unusual, even the very weird and wonderful - will be at each event. Make a date to shop preloved.

To find out more about Antiques & Collectors Fairs go to www.iacf.co.uk or call 01636 702326