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As well their MA and MSc programmes, Christie’s Education also offers complementary continuing education programmes in London, New York, Hong Kong and other locations around the world for those looking to experience the art world.

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The international arts market is constantly evolving. Tastes and fashions change, prices fluctuate and knowledge is always advancing.

However, one thing is constant – the need for people with high levels of expertise in both art and business. “They are crucial to the intellectual strength of the market,” says Jane Hay, international managing director at Christie's Education, an international institution owned by Christie's for almost 40 years, which offers courses that include Master’s programmes in London and New York.

“To maintain growth, diversity and competition within the art world, we need high-quality education."

We need education opportunities both for new graduates and those coming from an established career in other industries,” says Hay. “The dynamism of the art world means employers are looking for highly-qualified new entrants.”

However, art history on its own is not sufficient to equip those entering the international art scene with the experience and networks they need to thrive, says Hay.


An art history degree alone, arguably does not provide enough practical experience.


“It's essential to have a space where the industry and education meet,” Hay says. “We offer Master’s degrees in London and New York that immerse students in all areas of the art world, focusing on object-based study, business analysis, history of art, and professional development.”

"Practical experience in the industry, credit-bearing work placements and internships, are essential for those who want to develop meaningful careers in this competitive world."

“Our close relationship with Christie’s means that we can provide unprecedented access to top quality works of art to our students, who regularly meet auction-house specialists to learn about the works in a business context. We offer similar access to museums and private collections on visits and international trips. It is this kind of behind-the-scenes experience that differentiates us.”

Christie's Education also believes that it is crucial that students meet and hear from key players in the art world. “We present continual opportunities to engage in dialogue with practitioners as part of their professional development,” says Hay. “Students meet gallerists, artists, dealers and advisors, and graduate having made important connections that will benefit them throughout their careers.”


"We can provide unprecedented access, to top quality works of art, to our students"