We’ve been running Artfinder.com since 2013. We’re the world’s largest marketplace for original art, with more than 10,000 artists in 100 countries and over half a million customers. We’ve grown quickly and we now sell more art each week than most galleries sell in a year. That’s big in terms of the art market, but it’s not so big when you think about the wall decor market which is currently around 187 million customers each year in the US and EU, and growing at around 8% per year.

Changing perceptions that 'art is something in a museum and sells at auction for millions: art is not for you'...

So how do you convince someone who is used to picking up something at IKEA that they can a) afford original art and b) that they even want original art? The second part is easier.

"There’s a growing trend towards independent and ethical shopping."

With the rise of marketplaces like Etsy, people are starting to understand that instead of giving their money away to huge corporations and receiving a mass-produced item, they can get something bespoke and handmade, which also directly supports the person who made it. Whether it’s art, a mirror, or a piece of furniture, it’s all part of the same movement. This move towards ‘collaborative consumption’ is also supported by the UK’s emergence as a hub for the sharing economy, with a recent PwC study showing that the UK has the fastest growing sharing economy in Europe.


We are moving towards ‘collaborative consumption’, as the UK becomes a sharing economy.

"Something bespoke and handmade, directly supports the person who made it."

The first part — convincing people they can actually afford original art — remains our biggest challenge. And that is in part due to language and the baked-in perceptions around the word, ‘art’. Art is something you look at in a museum. Art sells at auction for millions of dollars. Art is not for you, but for your house. It’s something to buy as an investment when you’re very, very rich.
So, we’re here to be clear: art is for you. Original art, made by artists. And the experience of buying it will bring you joy and satisfaction on a level mass production can’t touch.